What’s in a Ride Engine Suit?


First and foremost, Ride Engine’s complete line of men’s and women’s wetsuits are built from the highest-quality limestone-based neoprene.

In short, calcium carbonate from limestone is extracted and converted into the chloroprene rubber chips that make the core of any neoprene suit. Traditional neoprene is petroleum based and involves converting an oil derivative, called Butadiene, into similar rubber chips through a chemical process.

Although harvesting and extracting limestone has its own set of environmental impacts, Ride Engine believes that the limestone-based material is by far the lesser of the two evils.

We explored several options before deciding on our material, including the recently developed plant-based Yulex Neoprene. Petroleum-based was never a consideration. We liked the Yulex story but were not confident in the unknown factors of such a new material and the limited global supply chain availibility. Yulex is plant-based and therefore a renewable material, but it still requires non-renewable resources to manufacture and bring it into the supply chain.

This was a difficult decision, but in the end we’re confident that it was the right one, both for our brand and for the environment.

In addition to its environmental implications, we believe limestone-based neoprene to be a superior material over its petroleum counterpart. The internal cell structure of the two materials differs, and manufacturers have found the limestone-based neoprene maintains proper form and functional over longer periods time.

We verified this ourselves through extensive testing and comparison. Our athletes put these suits through the wringer over and over again and came out smiling on the other end.


Smart Stretch Neoprene: We chose the highest-end material, called Smart Stretch Neoprene, for all of our suits. Smart Stretch neoprene serves two key functions: durability and performance. The material’s superior elasticity means it will better hold up over time to the repeated stretching and flexing inherent to a wetsuit’s many uses. A suit that will stretch with your range of motion rather than working against it a vital detail for Ride Engine. Our suits are designed to improve performance, endurance and comfort on the water, not hinder it, and Smart Stretch Neoprene is the secret ingredient.

Coreliner Fleece: For our cold-water suits (5/4mm and 4/3mm), we employed a plush Triple-Ply interior fleece lining in critical internal panels. This hydrophilic micro pile linier helps retain body heat and wick away moisture, which in turn conserves energy, improves performance and maximizes your time and comfort level on the water.

Key features and benefits:

Smart Stretch limestone neoprene: Durable, high-elasticity neoprene improves rider efficiency and range of motion for uninhibited athletic performance. Ease of entry and exit, exceptional durability and heat retention.

PFC and PTFE free limestone neoprene: Neoprene core derived from limestone rather than petroleum. Avoids environmental impacts associated with oil industry. Suits not treated with toxic hydrophobic coatings, which wash off over time and leech into the water.

Strategic Stitch Technology: Panel layout precision engineered for superior fit, improved range of motion, minimized friction/rub points and minimized stress on critical seams.

Triple-Ply Coreliner: PTFE and FCF-free hydrophilic micro pile fleece liner wicks away moisture, retains body heat, maximizes comfort and improves overall stamina and performance. Triple layer moisture management.

Bomber YKK zippers: Super durable zippers and strategic inlay design prevents water from seeping in and keeps zippers tightly closed as they should.

Liquid Rubber seams: Seams (excluding 2mm warm water suits) are sealed with this industry gold standard. Stretch, strong and extremely durable, liquid rubber keeps water out and body heat in. Eliminates micro-holes created by standard thread-based stitching. Maintains flex in critical areas for optimal comfort and range of motion.