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Since 1979, Stretch has been creating distinctive and innovative custom hand built boards for surfing, sailing, kiting, and tow surfing. Born in Malibu, CA, he was taught to build boards by his father Mike Riedel, a shaper for Velzy Jacobs Surfboards in the 1960’s.


Robert Weiner of Roberts Surfboards awarded Shaper of the Year for 2011 by Surfing Magazine. Best known for his magic White Diamond board he continues to shape boards for both general surfers and Team Riders.


Pat Rawson has been shaping surfboards since 1966, and manufacturing surfboards on the North Shore of Oahu since 1972. Combining pre-proven, innovative custom designs with handcrafted experience, Rawson shapes and sells to 19 countries worldwide.


I love boards.
That’s why I’m making them. Over time I invented and refined technologies to make the kind of gear I dream about a reality. The surfboard business isn’t an easy one so who knows how long it will feel worthwhile but for right now at least I’ve got some next level sh*t that nobody else does and I want to get it out there.


In an era of machine milled signature boards and one-size-fits-all overseas pop-outs, Spindrift is all about the personal connection between surfer and shaper. Every Spindrift surfboard is 100% hand shaped.


CoreVac boards have a superior flex to that of any standard surfboard. Stiffer under the front foot, pushing less water then normal overly flexy boards that do not distribute the load of the riders front foot over the entire deck.


The Jud Lau Surfboards logo is based on the waves and the surfboards, and the humans who make the boards, and also the humans who ride the boards on the waves! They are all in a circle, symbolic of the cyclical nature of everything in our universe. 


Located in Guaruja, Brazil. 


Opened in 2003 by Scott Murray, Hilo Surfboard Company is a cool surf shop with an easy going vibe. No Hype. Just the biggest selection of new and used boards on the island.

“The amount of stoke you get per dollar from purchasing a hydrofoil might make it the best  gear investment there’s ever been.”  -Coleman

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