Ride Engine Harnesses – How to install your spreader bar

How to install a 2018 spreader bar on your 2018 Ride Engine harness

Installing a 2018 spreader bar on a 2018 Ride Engine harness is a quick and easy process. Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to ride in no time.

  • First, you’ll need a 2018 Ride Engine spreader bar. We changed our closure system for 2018, so prior year spreader bars are not compatible with the 2018 harness.
  • With harness in hand, untuck and all the webbing on the left (as you would wear it) side of the harness and unthread it from the buckles. This is the side that will connect through the two slots in the spreader bar. Take a mental note on how the webbing is fed trough the buckles- you will need to rethread it the same way once the spreader bar is attached.
  • Feed the webbing through the slots in the spreader bar as shown in the video- from the back side, up through the slots.
  • Thread the webbing back through the loops the same way it was when you started. The webbing should exit he buckles toward the center of the harness.
  • To keep it out of the way while riding, you can tuck the excess webbing back through the neoprene that covers the buckles once you get it tightened around your waist.


Notes on fit:

Take a little time to figure out the best fit for your harness before you hit the water. If you’re transitioning from a soft-shell harness, it will probably feel quite a bit different. Here are a few tips:

  • Secure your harness low on your back. The concept with Ride Engine’s hard shell and Lumbar Lock is that it fits in place down low, at your core, instead of riding up to your chest like other harnesses.
  • Make sure your spreader bar is centered at your waist. Webbing on both sides can tighten and loosen. You may need to loosen one side or the other to get the center of the spreader bar centered at your belly button.
  • Each side of the harness has two straps. Depending on your waist size and shape and the way you ride, you may need to adjust the top and bottom straps separately to get the best fit and performance.