ride engine futura surf foil

2018 Ride Engine Futura Foil on the California Coast w/ Reed & Coleman

So-Cal Futura Sessions


Reed Brady and Coleman Buckley on the 2018 Futura Foil from Ride Engine.


Every local break is clearly defined in surfing because it’s the best spot to surf and everyone knows it…which of course brings the crowd. ¬†The Ride Engine Futura Foil lets you escape the crowds surfing spots no one would usually consider. ¬†Rolling swells and empty breaks come alive thanks to the foil, and the rides last twice as long if not more… Now you can enjoy more water time surfing all the days and breaks previously considered lackluster or unridable.


In this video watch as Ride Engine founder Coleman Buckley and good friend Reed Brady escape the crowds and score some serious ride time. With a 24 inch mast and custom Goon Bunny board shapes, every day is an epic day of surf. 

Welcome to the future…



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video by Steffen Vollert