Shredtown & Ride Engine

On the forefront of wakeboarding’s new wave is the Shredtown Crew. This humble group of riders from the middle of nowhere, Texas, have taken the reigns and steered the sport in an entirely new direction, proving to the industry that anything is a possible with a board, a few friends, and a the desire to shred. It all started with a winch back in 2007 and grew over the years to their own private cable where the crew continues to blow minds with rail and obstacle designs wakeboarders could have never dreamed possible just a decade ago.

Shredtown has been rewarded handsomely for their efforts in the past few years with accolades including “Video of the Year” and “Video Part of the Year” for their 2014 Release of Drop the Gun (available for download on iTunes) as well as 2 Gold Metals in the 2015 X Games Real Wake event. In 2015 the crew hosted their first ever pro event, The Shredtown Jamboree, which we were honored to help make a reality and in 2015 they were rewarded Video Part of the Year yet again (X games Real Wake) while Chris Abadie was named Urban Rider of the Year by Alliance Wake Magazine. The landscapes of wakeboarding are changing rapidly, and the Shredtown Crew are helping to sculpt this whole new look and feel. The future is bright for these 3 individuals and we are stoked to be collaborating with them on new products to meet the needs of this new generation of wakeboarders.

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