Ride Engine Foil Wings Explained: 2018

Learn the difference between the Ride Engine Foil Wings*: Futura wing and the Batwing.

Designing foils is a bit like shaping custom surfboards. It’s as much an art as it is a science, and even tiny variations in shape will make significant differences in performance. We’ve experimented with dozens of designs over the years- some worked wonderfully, some not so much. Ride Engine’s surf foil lineup features three of our all-time favorites, each with distinct performance characteristics and all three compatible with our modular foil system.

Here are the Ride Engine Foil Wings Explained By Tony Logosz, Slingshot Head Designer.*

Futura Wing: (Coleman’s Favorite)

The Futura is the stock wing that comes with the Ride Engine surf foil package. It’s an all-around wing designed for versatile performance across a range of users and conditions. The Futura is the highest-aspect (slender) and the fastest of the three wings in the lineup and is best suited for about waist to head-high waves. Learn with it, and learn from it. The better you get, the better it performs. Everyone we know that goes from the beginner stage to intimidate stage has a revelation about this wing. The light bulb goes off and it all clicks! Hands down it’s a unanimous top performer.

  • Stock wing for the Futura Surf Foil package.
  • Slight Gull-wing design with cranked down tips with winglets. Turned down tips are not sharp, it’s about safety.
  • Advanced pumper (“Jack Hammer” Style).
  • Can Laps waves once you master the pumping style.
  • Great all-around performance super smooth roll from side to side. Huge range.
  • Faster top-end speeds than Arc or Batwing.
  • Medium lift, with early, take off rate, and speed of maximum of 18 knots.
  • Optimized to surf small waves to shoulder-high waves.

Bat Wing:

The Bat Wing is a dihedral designed wing that is dynamic and playful. It features an accentuated delta outline and a dihedral underside, which makes it super lively from side to side, with sharp carving, tight turning, and agile handling. (The shortboard of wings) A fat body and high surface area give the Bat Wing plenty of lift and a low takeoff speed, and once you’re up and cruising it has a unique pumping style. You can pump it in the turns, like a skateboard with loose trucks. It’s a wing that advanced riders will use to create speed in the turns. The Batwing is great for making small waves more exciting.

  • Dynamic side-to-side pumping action.
  • High surface area, tons of lift.
  • Sharp, aggressive, tight radius turning and carving.
  • Great speed and range for its size. Stays in control at higher speeds.
  • Great for small waves.
  • Turned down tips for safety.

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