Our “No Greenwashing” policy

The term “Green” gets thrown around pretty liberally these days as a corporate moniker and marketing ploy for being environmentally friendly. While reducing our environmental impact as much as possible is absolutely at the core of Ride Engine, we are not a company that “greenwashes” or stretches the truth to make ourselves seem more appealing.

We are realistic in the notion that it is extremely difficult, impossible in fact, to build action sports gear without impacting the environment in a negative way. We can, however, forge ahead with a genuine commitment to minimizing that impact as much as possible.

As avid adventurers and eager young professionals and entrepreneurs, we understand that we are the future of the planet and that everything we do, or don’t do, will make a difference for ourselves and future generations. This conviction is a cornerstone we sought after but seldom found in other brands, and as we work to build products we can stand by and be proud of, we hope to attract likeminded adventurers along the way.

When customers decide on a Ride Engine wetsuit, they are not simply purchasing a top-of-the-line product. They are investing in, and joining forces with, a brand that has a genuine passion for connecting its customers with the great outdoors in a fun, healthy and environmentally responsible way.

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