Felix Georgii Joins Ride Engine

We first stumbled across the path of Felix Georgii at the Wake the Line event in Cologne, Germany back in 2011. He was the first of a new breed of wakeboarder with a heavy snow style influence. We remember immediately noticing the narrow stance he had setup on his board when every other competitor was riding short boards with wide stances.

Felix’s style looked so much more controlled and sophisticated. Felix slid delicately while locking in to every rail under the cable. He was light on his feet but still laying into the nose and tail. It was DIFFERENT: We couldn’t tell if we loved it or not as it was such a different look, but it surely caught our attention along with everyone else and took him far into the rounds of competition that weekend. As it turns out, Felix was setting what would be one of the biggest new trends in our sport today. Felix was a pioneer, a disruptor, and a trendsetter deviating from norm and blazing his own path. We at Ride Engine identify with this sort of approach and when we decided to enter the wake market, Felix was at the top of our list of riders to collaborate with.

Currently Felix is partnered with several of the leading brands in the industry including Red Bull, Liquid Force Wakeboards, Ride Engine, Unit Park Tech, and Sesitec Cable Systems. Through Felix’s work as a mechanic with Sesitec Cables he not only knows how to build and ride a cable park better than most anyone in the world, but he also has a hand in the future development of cable wakeboarding all around the globe.

See Felix in Action: